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Don’t Rush the Rules

After every election the Rhode Island House and Senate set their rules. Those rules determine everything from when a bill can be introduced, to how a legislator can cast their vote. Over the course of decades in the House of

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2018 Common Cause Rhode Island Legislative Agenda

Independent Redistricting Rhode Island has suffered from political gerrymandering for centuries. Looking toward the 2020 Census, Common Cause wants to end the practice of incumbent politicians picking their voters. We will achieve this by putting an amendment to the Rhode

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2017 Legislative Agenda

With the overwhelming passage of ethics reform and successful implementation of online voter registration and lobby reform, 2016 was a big year for good government in the Ocean State.Building on those victories, the Common Cause Rhode Island State Governing Board

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Modern Elections in Rhode Island!

Americans agree that we should have a voting system that protects the fundamental right of every eligible American—Democrat, Republican, or Independent—to have their vote counted. This year, the Rhode Island state legislature will be considering a voting reform package that



At Common Cause Rhode Island we are working to ensure our democracy works for all Rhode Islanders every day by affecting change at the local, state, and national levels of government. By educating and mobilizing our members we work to

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Rhode Islanders want a government that is free of conflict-of-interest.  That is why three decades ago we created one of the strongest Ethics Commissions in the United States.  Since then we have worked to eliminate nepotism, minimize the size of

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Judicial Reform

Background and History The 1980s and the early 1990s in Rhode Island were a time of extraordinary turmoil in general and in the state’s unified court system in particular: In 1986 Supreme Court Chief Justice Joseph A. Bevilacqua, a former speaker who

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Money in Politics

For forty years Common Cause has highlighted the corrosive role of money in our political system.  In Rhode Island we’ve lead the way on campaign finance limits, requiring electronic filing of campaign finance information, and the disclosure of the sources

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Open Government

Transparent government is key to holding power accountable. In Rhode Island the Open Meetings Act, Access to Public Records Act, and Administrative Procedures Act form the foundation of open government.  Common Cause continues to fight for improvements to those laws. 

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Separation of Powers (SOP)

Slide Show Overview by Phil West Common Cause was among the first to identify the problem created by legislators sitting on the dozens of boards and commissions in Rhode Island. This dual office holding created numerous conflicts of interest and

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